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Federal Law designates Robert M. Louque, Jr. and The Louque Law Firm, L.L.C. as a debt relief agency.     In addition to protecting the rights of  consumers, we help individuals file for Bankruptcy Relief.

Unpaid Wage Claims

Although Louisiana is an "employee at will" state and your employer can terminate you for any non-discriminatory reason, you are still entitled to receive your last paycheck timely.    In addition to wages earned, your employer is also required to pay you any vacation time you accrued during your employment that you did not use at the time of your termiantion or resignation.     You are entitled to these payments  even if you quit.

IIt is not uncommon for an employer to refuse to pay former employers everything that former employee is entitled to,  banking on the fact the former employee will never sue them for such a small amount.   The Louque Law Firm takes the position that, if you have a valid claim for unpaid wages and other benefits, there is no amount "too small" to bring to court.

The Louque Law Firm, L.L.C. represents individuals in wage claims against former employers.      If your former employer has not paid all wages and benefits that you are entitled to,  contact us to  schedule a confiential consultation to discuss whether we can assist you in obtaining the compensation your former employer is legally required to pay you.

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